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Upgrade NAV to Microsoft Business Central

Elevate Your Operations: Transition from Dynamics NAV to Business Central

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Upgrade Seamlessly:

Transition from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

As mainstream support for all Microsoft Dynamics NAV versions has ended, upgrading to Dynamics Business Central is essential. This transition offers numerous benefits, including enhanced features, greater flexibility and scalability, heightened security, and seamless integration with other Microsoft products. 

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Why Solution Analysts for Upgrade Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Business Central?

Solution Analysts offers unparalleled expertise in upgrading Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Business Central, boasting a team with over 12 years of experience in integrations, consulting, and migrations. As Dynamics NAV 2018's mainstream support ends in January 2023, we provide vital ongoing support and updates. Our approach minimizes disruption and tailors training to ensure a smooth transition, making Solution Analysts an ideal partner for your upgrade needs.

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Reasons for Upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with Solution Analysts

Enhanced Features & User Experience

Enhanced Features and
User Experience

Solution Analysts leverages Business Central to offer advanced features over Dynamics NAV, including support for modern web technologies, a more intuitive user interface, and improved collaboration and productivity tools.

Greater Flexibility & Scalability

Greater Flexibility and

As a cloud-based solution, Business Central provides the flexibility to be accessed from any location with an internet connection. Solution Analysts helps businesses scale effortlessly, allowing for seamless user addition and expansion as organizational needs evolve.

Seamless Integration with Microsoft Ecosystem

Seamless Integration with
Microsoft Ecosystem

Solution Analysts ensures that Business Central integrates flawlessly with other Microsoft products, such as Office 365, Power BI, and Azure. This integration enables businesses to utilize a comprehensive suite of Microsoft tools and services effectively.

Continuous Access to Updates and Innovations

Continuous Access to Updates
and Innovations

Business Central's cloud infrastructure means it receives regular updates, providing businesses with the latest features and technological advancements. Solution Analysts ensure that clients always have access to the most current and efficient solutions.

Robust Security Measures

Robust Security Measures

With Business Central, Solution Analysts enhances your data security through built-in features like encryption and user authentication, safeguarding sensitive information and preventing unauthorized access.

Reporting & Analytics

Customization and
Integration Capabilities

With Solution Analysts, companies can customize and integrate Business Central according to their specific requirements. This flexibility allows for enhanced compatibility with existing systems and processes, ensuring a smoother operational flow.

Common Steps to Upgrade Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Business Central with Solution Analysts

Plan Your Upgrade

Plan Your Upgrade

Solution Analysts assists in meticulously planning the upgrade process. This includes identifying the current Dynamics NAV version, determining the target Business Central version, crafting a detailed timeline, and pinpointing potential challenges and risks.

Back Up Your Data

Back Up Your Data

Ensuring data safety is crucial. Solution Analysts recommends backing up all crucial data, including databases and custom modifications, to secure it against any disruptions during the upgrade process.

Install the New Version of Business Central

Install the New Version of Business Central

 With Solution Analysts, the installation of the new Business Central version is streamlined. We guide you through downloading the software, running the installation program, and entering all necessary information such as license keys and user details.

Migrate Your Data

Migrate Your Data

Solution Analysts facilitates the migration of your data from Dynamics NAV to Business Central, using Microsoft’s recommended tools or through manual transfers when necessary, ensuring a seamless transition.

Training, Testing, and Customization

Training, Testing, and Customization

Adopting a new system involves significant adjustments. Solution Analysts provides comprehensive training to your team to help adapt to the new system’s features and interfaces. We also conduct thorough testing to ensure the software performs as expected and customize the system to meet specific organizational needs, enhancing productivity and reducing errors.

Go Live

Go Live

Once the upgrade process is complete and thoroughly tested, Solution Analysts supports your organization in going live with the new Business Central implementation, ensuring a smooth upgrade.

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