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Comply With Saudi Arabia’s Personal Data Protection Law

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The Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL) in Saudi Arabia is designed to safeguard the privacy and security of personal data. It sets out strict guidelines for how organizations must handle, process, and protect personal information. The PDPL aims to enhance transparency, accountability, and trust in the digital economy by ensuring that individuals have control over their personal data.

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Features of PDPL

Data Minimization

Data Protection Officer


Impact Assessments

Consent Management

Data Subject Rights


Data Breach Notification

Cross-border Transfers

Data Security

The PDPL is crucial for Saudi Arabian companies to comply with legal requirements and protect individuals' rights to privacy and data protection. It helps build trust with customers by demonstrating a commitment to safeguarding their personal information. Compliance with the PDPL reduces the risk of data breaches and associated damages, enhancing a company's reputation as a responsible data custodian. The law also aligns with international standards, facilitating cross-border data transfers while ensuring legal compliance. Overall, the PDPL is essential for companies in Saudi Arabia to protect personal data, maintain legal compliance, and uphold customer trust.


To be compliant with the Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL) in Saudi Arabia, companies need to:

  • Implement clear policies and procedures for data protection.
  • Obtain explicit consent from individuals for data processing.
  • Ensure data is collected and processed lawfully and fairly.
  • Respect individuals' rights to access and correct their data.
  • Implement security measures to protect data from unauthorized access.
  • Conduct data protection impact assessments.
  • Appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO) where required.
  • Keep records of data processing activities.
  • Notify authorities of data breaches.
  • Limit data transfers outside Saudi Arabia to countries with adequate data protection laws.

Discover unparalleled PDPL expertise with Solution Analysts. Our unique methodology aligns your entire business model, from products and services to client interactions and internal operations, with PDPL regulations. We offer consultation, and implementation support, and ensure the deployment of necessary technical and organizational measures, as mandated by PDPL.

Our approach consists of three key phases: Diagnose, Strategize, and Assure. These phases are meticulously structured, with detailed activities and deliverables outlined in our proposal. Partner with us to achieve PDPL compliance seamlessly and confidently.

Gap Analysis to full Implementation

Implementation we ensure your PDPL compliance journey is seamless and comprehensive

Support establish classification, privacy, internal audit, and assurance frameworks

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Salient features of our engagement
approach are:

We offer assessments for Data Protection, PDPL reviews, and gap analyses to assist companies in adopting and implementing the new PDPL regulations.

Thorough gap analysis to identify areas needing compliance improvement.


Hands-on implementation support for PDPL requirements.


Establishment of a robust classification and privacy framework.


Setting up an Internal Audit and Assurance framework for ongoing compliance.


Comprehensive training programs for staff on PDPL compliance.


Maintaining compliance through regular audits and reviews.


Tailored solutions for different industry segments and business lines.


Implementation of technical and organizational controls and safeguards.


Dedicated support for cloud instances to meet PDPL regulations.

Assessing and supporting implementation in
critical areas such as:


Comprehensive GAP analysis report with Remediation action and recommendations.


Practical Road Map for designing, rolling out, and institutionalizing recommended controls.


Training programs with course materials and certificates for participants.


Identification of Roles and responsibilities related to PDPL compliance requirements.


Conducting Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA).


Documentation of Data Protection Policy, Procedures, Manuals, and Work instructions.


Recommendations for best practices for Data protection by design.


PDPL, DPL, and GDPR Internal Audit Framework and Reports.


Establishment of roles and responsibilities for the Data Protection Officer (DPO) office.


Support for remediating Governance controls and overseeing technical control implementation.


Final assessment and formal closure of all GAPS, Action items, and FINAL COMPLIANCE SCORECARD Ratings.


Management status report for PDPL, DPL & GDPR initiatives.

Benefits of being PDPL compliant

  • hospitality Enhanced data protection for individuals, fostering trust and reputation.
  • hospitality Legal compliance, avoiding legal issues and penalties.
  • hospitality Improved data management practices, leading to operational efficiency.
  • hospitality Better data security measures, reducing the risk of data breaches.
  • hospitality Competitive advantage by demonstrating commitment to data protection.
  • hospitality Increased customer confidence and loyalty.
  • hospitality Streamlined processes for data handling and sharing.
  • hospitality Protection of sensitive personal information, ensuring privacy.
  • hospitality Facilitation of international data transfers, meeting global standards.
  • hospitality Reduced likelihood of data breaches, minimizing financial and reputation damage.

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